Alcohol Breath Analyzer AT8100P, Bluetooth Printer

Alcohol Breath Analyzer AT8100P, Bluetooth Printer

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Alcohol Breath Analyzer, AT8100

  • Mangal AT8100 is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subjects breath Alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy. This device can be connected with computer to logging data and a compact sized printer to print out the alcohol concentration, date and time. It has facility to record 2000 memory, portable and modern design, real time clock display support, optional mini printer to keep testing results. It can be used at station, office, company, home, and factory, by traffic police, military, laboratory. etc.

Device Features :

Sensor type :

  • Advanced Platinum Electro Chemical fuel cell 1.Character per line:24

  • Working Voltage:  DC 3V (2 AA Batteries) Speed : 1.7 lines per second

  • Working Current:  50 mA

  • Working Environment: 10 to 50 degree 

  • Relative Humidity:   up to 95% 

  • Detection Range :0.000---400 mg/liter BrAC 3. Direct thermal printing, Accuracy: ±0.040mg/liter method

  • Display:3 digits LCD display with light blue backup 4. Easy to use and simple to

  • Measuring Temp.:.10 to 50 degree

  • Memory :2000 records maintain    

  • Response Time : 5 second,,,Resume Time: 15 second 

  • Dimension:128mm x67mmx 32mm (L-W-H), paper loading

  • Weight :82 g Battery

  • Low voltage indication 6. Bluetooth Printing

  • Real-time clock and temperature display,