Breath Analyser  Quick Test AT 7000

Breath Analyser Quick Test AT 7000

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Breath Alcohol Analyser, Quick Test

Mangal Quick Test  Alcohol Breath Tester is commonly used  by Police, Militry,Airport

This Device is use without mouthpieces for convenience. Units activated through a micro switch, after a brief internal self test; the test subject blows through the sensor and result are converted within few sec.


_ Warm up time: less than 20 seconds (typical)

_ Unique 4 digits LCD display

_  Illumination for use in dark ( Auto shut off after 20 seconds)

_ Measuring range: 0.00-2.00(1.00mg/L)

_ Accuracy: . +/- 0.015% BCA at 0.05% BAC

_ Blowing time: 1 to 3seconds

Breath Tester used as a monitor, it can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above

the legal limits