Speed Radar Gun SR 10P With Printer

Speed Radar Gun SR 10P With Printer

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Speed Radar Gun

Mangal Speed Radar Gun with inbuilt dot matrix printer for checking speed of vehicles. It has a relatively wide beam that easily covers several lanes of traffic at a relatively short/long range. Mangal Speed Radar Gun has a head-up LED Display with aiming dot for accurate selection of a specific vehicle. It has multifunction facility like parallel and opposite direction; it has very compact in-built printer and battery. It has Calibration Tuning Forks-31 kmph and 73 kmph. 


  • Worlds Smallest Speed Radar Gun with in built Dot Matrix printer. 
  • Plain paper printer, Print does not fade. 
  • No Jammers available because of Ka band (35 GHz) operation. 
  • Operates with 12 V rechargeable battery. 
  • Advanced microcomputer based system with low current consumption. 
  • Speed gun, Battery pack, charger, tuning fork packed in easy hand carry case. 
  • Total weight is 6.50 Kg. only

Technical Specification:

  • Stationary Mode:                   17 to 185 km/h
  • Moving Mode:      
    • Target Speed               20 to 250 km/h (Opposite) 
    • Patrol Mode                 20 to 235 km/h (Same)
  • Accuracy:                               +/- 1 km/h
  • Range-Nominal:                    1 km
  • Display:                                   3 digit LED (7 segment high bright type)
  • Working temperature:            -30 to 70 deg Celsius


  • Operating Frequency  Ka band
  • Microwave source Gunn Oscillator
  • Antenna circularly polarized conical horn
  • Beam width 12+/-1 deg
  • Power input 12 V DC, 0.8 A
  • Technology Solid State

Accessories Included:12 V Rechargeable Battery pack.220 Volts battery Charger. Calibration Tuning Forks - 31 kmph and 73 kmph, Heavy-duty tripod mounts. Operational Manual, carry case.