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Speed Radar Guns

  1. Speed Radar Gun SR 10

    Speed Radar Gun-SR-10 makes it easy to measure the speed of a car, a baseball, or pretty much anything that moves. This Speed Radar Guns use the best digital technology and DSP Provide accurate real time measurement, accurate to ± 1.0 MPH/ or ± 2.0 KPH. Speed Radar Gun-SR-10 is more simplified then other radar guns.
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  2. Speed Gun SR20

    Mangal Speedstar,SR-20 combines all of the best features users have grown to love. With ergonomic design, ease-of-use and technology to spare what else could you need?RF (radio frequency) technology is a new addition to the Bushnell Speedstar,SR-20 line of radar speed guns. Not only can you clock anything from ball speeds to any vehicles, now you can broadcast your measurements in real-time onto a compatible display screen. Optimized to work with the Bushnell Speed Screen wireless display, clock and share your measurements easily at any time with no setup required.Mangal Speed star SR-20 Highlights  Accurate digital speed reading using DSP (digital speed processing) RF technology for wireless radar display compatibility w/ optional Bushnell Speed Screen  Remote speed readings displaying with optional Bushnell Speed Screen radar gun speed display  Easy to use, textured, point & shoot pistol grip  Continuous mode for automatic reading
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  3. Speed Radar Gun SR 10P With Printer

    Mangal Speed Radar Gun with inbuilt dot matrix printer for checking speed of vehicles, it has very compact in-built printer and battery. It has Calibration Tuning Forks-31 kmph and 73 kmph.- Worlds Smallest Speed Radar Gun with in built Dot Matrix printer.- No Jammers available because of Ka band (35 GHz) operation
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  4. Speed Radar Gun SR 007C

    Mangal SR-007C handhold proof eyes radar is the latest type of speed measurement device of landing photo.Electron. It integrated antenna high resolution digital camera and industrial processor.Its the perfect speed enforcement radar for traffic police use.
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