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Traffic Safety Equipments

  1. Fluorescent Jacket

    Mangal safety apparels are designed to suit the needs of people working in sensitive & dangerous areas. It increases the visibility of individual at night & in poor light condition. The products meet world class quality standards due to use of high quality standardised materials.
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  2. Traffic Guide Board

    Traffic Guide Board DIMENSION - 1420 x 150 mm GUIDE POST MODEL - DA953GA Guide post is moulded in a good quality of Plastic Material. 2x2 high performance 100 mm dia reflectors one fitted on both side.Fire prevention cover made in MS sheet is fixed at bottom to preve
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  3. Traffic Light Button

    Traffic Light Button Mangal Security is electronically controlled safety device which helps in controlling traffic during night time. Blinking bar provide the signals from very far distance to the motorists. LED & flourescent cast vinyl film is used in the light bar to emit a highly visible signal. It has flash light at the top of light bar. It is operated with two battery cells. Two way switch is provided for blinking & flash light. Light bar is made of strong polycarbonate material.
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  4. Traffic Reflectors

    Mangal Safety Solution reflector are designed to give the maximum reflection which enhances the the visibility of the vehicles during dark & bed light conditions. Their high reflection gives the drivers an extra time to take evasive action. Reflector are fixed with base plate in a special manner to protect the inner surface from dust, water & humidity which enhances life of the reflectors. they never get discolored because of special material used.
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  5. Traffic Road Studs

    Mangal Solar Road Studs Mangal Safety Solution road studs provide most effective night guidance even under the most adverse weather condition. There is superb range of top quality, dynamically designed studs having international standards. The stud are visible and can also be heard felt, due to the rumble when a vehicle crosses them. Road studs are available in different sizes to delineate the carriage way both at the center and at the edge of roads. These are available in aluminum as well as in rigid plastic. The special material composition enables the studs to bear severe impact. The specific reflective panel of the studs provides very high reflectivity.
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  6. Traffic Speed bumper

    Mangal Speed Bumps & Rumbers are made of rubber. It has high resistance to severe impacts and brutal weather conditions. It modular design makes it quick and easy to install. Its design incorporates interlocking system, which binds it perfectly. Round edge at both the ends of speed bumps provide it smooth edge & shape. The pre-colored material (Black/Yellow) provides it permanent coloring and there is no need of painting it again & again. For night vision reflectors and glass elements are fixed on both the side of the speed bumps and rumbers. * Speed Bumps and Rumbers are ideal for installation in the city area, private colonies, hospitals, schools, other campus security check posts, parking areas, loading areas, etc.
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  7. Traffic Spring Post

    Spring post is made of special flexible materials. It can quickly restore its original state without doing any damage to the vehicle as well as the spring post, in case of high-speed collision with the vehicles. Two band of high reflective sheet pasted on it provides an excellent visibility during night and bad weather conditions The reflective bands are pasted on the specifically designed groove to safeguard the reflective bands.
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  8. Traffic Tapes

    Mangal Barricading Tapes • A quick and effective way to highlight dangerous areas.• Strong and highly visible.• Ideal for warning of danger or cording-off potential hazards.• Supplied in roll from of 305 mts. Tibe form / 500 mts. Single Strip form.• Barricading Tapes can be made as per your requirements/ specification in any text, logo, graphics, logo, language, size (width), color etc.
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  9. Traffic Cone

    Traffic Cone Traffic Safety Control is a manufacturer of plastic flexible traffic cones and has wholesale and retail outlets all over the country Flex it Mega cones (One Meter Cone) Product Code: FTC-MEGA • Robust & popular two-part design.• Cone can be embossed with company logo.• High quality, all weather resistant reflective sleeve to last on a street.• Premier quality polymer for strength, flexibility and long life.• Recycled heavy rubber base for proper stability.
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