Transparency Tester with Printer MT 10P

Transparency Tester with Printer MT 10P

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Mangal Transparency tester is micro controller based and easy to use that measures the light transmission through any type glasses of vehicles.

It works by aligning the transmitter and receiver on opposite sides of the glasses by using sensors.

It detects and displays the percentage of light transmission that has passed through

the tinted glasses in digital display. It is handy and portable. This instrument is very useful to check

transparency of glasses specially automobile vehicles such as Car, Bus,Van,Valvo etc. as per required standards.


Measure range: 0 -100.0%

Measuring quantity %: Light Transmittance

Maximum matrix thickness: 10mm

Measuring accuracy:1%

Environment temperature: 5 to 50⁰c

Optical detector complying with V (lambda) human eye sensitivity.

Printer: All data can print through micro Printer after checking the transparency.